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Q. Do you teach money management skills in your course?
A. Absolutely, every successful trader must have money management skills. Money management skills are used in every trade.

Q. Do you consider yourself a foreign currency trading expert?
A. Yes - Euro FX, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, etc.

Q. In your opinion what does it take to be a successful money making trader?
A. Knowledge, precise limited risk trading methods/strategies, dedication, patience, and discipline.

Q. What type of trading works best with Semi-Automated Trading Systems and Fully Automated Trading Systems?
A. Day Trading, Inner Day Trading And Scalping Are Well Suited For Both.

Q. What is the difference between Semi-Automated Trading Systems and Fully Automated Trading Systems?
A. No Programming or Software is needed with Semi-Automated Trading Systems and is Trading Platform Friendly.
Fully Automated Trading Systems Programming and Software is needed and is 100% automated.

Q. Do you personally teach Semi-Automated Trading in your course
A. Yes

Q. Can your training methods taught in your course be successfully applied to Cryptocurrency trading?
A. Yes. You'll be taught how to make money trading all Cryptocurrencies - From Bitcoin to Penny Cryptocurrencies.

Q. Is it hard to learn your trading methods?
A. No. I take my time in teaching and make sure you understand each trading method before we move on to the next trading method. I've been Personally teaching clients/students how to make money trading for over 20 years. I'm a very good teacher/trainer.

Q. Is the course harder to learn if I'm a beginner or wannabe professional trader?
A. No. Just do what you are taught and you will learn how to make money trading.

Q. What makes your trading course different from all other trading courses?
A. All trading methods/strategies taught, have precise entry points, precise stops, and precise profit points.  All trading methods work in all markets. You will be taught precise money management skills.  My Credentials. 


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