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JULY 20, 2024   

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Course Information

• 5 days of one on one private tutoring Monday through Friday

• 2 months of phone consultation provides for a 9-week course

This trading course is designed EXCLUSIVELY to teach the client how to MAKE MONEY trading futures, commodities, forex, stocks, bitcoin.
FREE TRIAL .......where you pick the markets and Jonathon gives you the exact buy and sell points along with stop and profit objective........ before the markets open.
You can see Jonathon's performance in action......live in real time.
References are available from across the country.

Everything you are Taught works in All MARKETS....

Including E-Mini S&P 500, Micro E-Mini S&P 500, E-Mini Nasdaq, Micro E-Mini nasdaq 100,
E-Mini Russell, E-Mini-Dow Jones, Euro FX, Foreign Currencies, Forex Markets, 10-Year T-Notes, Bonds, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Sugar, Cotton, Gold, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Cattle, Hogs, Futures, Commodities, Indexes, ETFs, All Cryptocurrencies, Options, Stocks, & Cash Markets...
BULL or BEAR Markets.

Learn to Invest Wisely

Course Price: $9,750 plus travel expenses if necessary.
If you would like more information or a free trial, call Jonathon (847) 948-5356


NEW - Powerful - 2 Day - One-On-One - Day Trading or Intra-Day Trading Course (Your Choice)

NEW - Dynamic - 2 Day - One-On-One - Swing Trading - Intermediate Trading - Options Trading - Hedging - Trading Course

Personally Taught By Jonathon Stone, Veteran CME & Chicago Board of Trade Member.
The course is given online or in-person.

All trading methods/strategies taught, have precise entry points and can be successfully applied to ALL MARKETS.

Course Price: $3,850 - Includes 10 Days of Phone Consultation

Call Jonathon for more information or available dates (847) 948-5356.



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Trading Educator - Trading Teacher
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Make Money for Over 27 Years
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Call IEP at (847) 948-5356 for small group & one-on-one private tutoring courses on trading futures, commodities & stocks from a mentor & coach with over 27 years of experience.